Three Tips on Asia Travel You Can Use Today

We also like getting scooters and motorcycles that have a lockable storage space — usually under the seat or in a box attached to the passenger backrest. When renting a scooter in Southeast Asia, check the helmets to make sure they fit properly.

If a scooter knows how you'll move — if the driver can predict the direction you're going to move — then they ride in a way to avoid hitting you. In most of Southeast Asia, this relationship is based on the expectation of movement. Study for yourself and make your own decisions.

That said, I'm not going to tell you what to do here. When some people travel in Southeast Asia Cuisine with kids, they want to carry malaria medicine with them, We've never done this because the medicine has its own problems and side effects. Instead of four seasons, most Southeast Asian countries have two: wet and dry.

However, you can't always expect dry weather. You can visit almost anywhere in Southeast Asia with kids and expect warm weather. We realized our mix-up at the airport in Bangkok and had to fork out hundreds of dollars to fly out (we overstayed by a month).

We got them mixed up — big mistake. Back in 2013, Malaysia's tourist visa was 90 days for US & Japanese citizens. For first-timers wondering where to start, I often recommend Malaysia The infrastructure is better than many neighboring areas, and it's not hard to find English speakers if you need to. In fact, most Malaysians speak English — not so elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

Every country in Southeast Asia has something to offer adventurous families. I'm now part of a family of four, and we left our home in Japan to explore Southeast Asia with kids in tow. Actually, shopping in Bangkok , Kuala Lumpur or Singapore can be at least as productive than Western countries.

Despite lacking some first-world amenities, in Southeast Asia you can easily find basic hygiene items, meds, clothes, etc. Bring only things that are high priority. Unfortunately this will likely to happen there soon.

I found the real charm of the country was that it reminded me of South East Asia of the nineties before mass tourism took over. Not sure as a solo traveler you would want to hire a car when transport is so cheap and you get closer to the people. It is no different to any of the other countries in that you pay for the room not the number of people in it. I also booked all my accommodation on line and also some of my travel arrangements before I went.

Have been traveling around South East Asia many times since 1993 and did a solo trip to Myanmar in 2015. You've got the big city buzz of capital city Phnom Penh, the stunning temples of Angkor Wat , and the peaceful, plentiful beaches of Sihanoukville. And that's a testament to the country's excessive beauty, rich history, friendly people, and up-and-coming cuisine It's a fantastic place for solo travelers to explore - in part thanks to its diversity.

Even those that have been are keen to go again. Who doesn't want to go to Cambodia ? Here are a few things I wish I knew before traveling to Southeast Asia.

For many travelers, the region is their first introduction to Asia which means facing a unique set of challenges as well as an undeniable culture shock. Southeast Asia is easily one of the most popular backpacking destinations in the world. Don't want to stretch ourselves too thin.

Do you think 3 weeks in each place is enough? They both look wonderful and we have 6 weeks to play with. Me and my partner are thinking about Indonesia and Philippines.

The way I like to travel! Hi Marek your blog is awesome very informative and flexible. We should be able to visit a lot I imagine in four months.

This is our first time travelling without a plan and sort of doing it on day to day basis with probably a couple of organized tours that we may pick up in certain areas.