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Guests can select their favorite scent from an array of Fivelements aromatherapy blends with pure phyto essences.

Combined with the soothing power of traditional Balinese massage, aromatic oils are applied and absorbed through the skin and carried around the body, stimulating its natural immune system. The system encourages a harmonious relationship between the spirit, environment and with one another, allowing an organic healing process to naturally unfold. Located at Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa healing is inspired by the Balinese way of life.

Spectacularly located on the 26th floor, the uber-cool Chill Skybar offers sweeping views of downtown Saigon and beyond, priding itself on being Saigon's original sky bar. For exceptional views and stylish settings, Hanoi and Saigon have countless rooftop spots where visitors can enjoy a refreshing drink while taking in magnificent views of the streets below. An excellent option for groups requiring themed events with an engaging twist.

It stands at 130 metres and has 17 cabins, each accommodating up to 10 people. Incentive options include the first Batman 4D flight simulation ride and cocktails on the Golden Reel, the world's highest ‘figure eight' Ferris wheel. The resort's event center, a 5,500-seat venue, offers 16 VIP suites for private parties.

Over 350 giant pandas are now being cared for at the breeding base. Divided into three areas, the complex includes a district for research and education, plus another two areas to help reintroduce pandas back into the wild. Located fifty kilometers away from Chengdu, close to the Qingcheng Mountain, the enter sits in a stunning forested valley.

For those looking to volunteer and make a difference, or simply learn more about these wonderful animals, there is a new giant panda breeding base in Chengdu named China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda. For any questions related to this message, feel free to contact Asian Trails via vietnam@ or email your customer service representative in our head office. Asian Trails Vietnam will offer alternative sightseeing, where possible, during this period and will inform partners about possible changes in itineraries.

Catholics who would like to attend Mass here will be able to enter the cathedral via the main entrance only. City officials have erected barrier around the cathedral and traffic around this holy site has been restricted. The team behind is massive project expects to complete all work done by June 2020.

During this period, Asian Trails Vietnam has received a statement that visits inside the Cathedral are no longer possible during this period. Having recorded numerous expulsions of dust and smoke since September 2013, Mount Sinabung's region has been declared a no travel zone within a 7-kilometer radius from its crater. Reports on the ground from our team and local authorities have seen a series of new eruptions at one of Sumatra's active volcanoes.

We continue to check with all authorities for the latest updates. Asian Trails Malaysia deeply regrets sending a number of updates about this tax implementation measures by the government, often without receiving official confirmation. The government and tourism authorities, led by the Ministry of Tourism and the Royal Malaysian Customs Department, announced that this new Tourism Tax will be implemented effective 1 September 2017.

After months of discussions and unclear releases from various sources, Asian Trails finally has received confirmation on the newly-implemented hotel taxation of customers in Malaysia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Cambodia has recently issued a statement to restrict the number of checkpoints crossing for travellers handling an E-visa. Contact our office in Beijing for further information.

For incentive groups who want to have a special evening after a busy day at a conference or event, we are able to tailor make and brand the outing according to the individual wishes of the organiser. The tours are suitable for both FITs and small groups. We recommend these tours to clients who like to taste local food at places away from the tourist crowd.

The homely atmosphere makes you feel like going to your grandmother's kitchen and getting a sweet treat before going to bed. We taste a type Cuisine of Asia yoghurt pudding, which is deliciously sweet and cool. This ‘one woman show' shop is famous for home-made desserts.

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The locals in these countries will try and get as much money out of you as possible (especially in Vietnam), so know how much you should be paying for each item, and bargain them down! Don't worry — it happens to all of us, but you will need to practice and master your bargaining skills.

You're definitely going to get ripped off once or twice. Be sensible - don't flash cash or valuables, and don't wander off from the safety of your tour group. Cambodia/Vietnam/Laos: All generally safe destinations, but petty crime can happen.

Thai authorities operate several Tourist's Friend Centres" around the airports and Skytrain stations to provide information and assistance - they're worth using. Be especially cautious during the run-up to elections, and avoid Lumpini Park, where protesters congregate. Thailand: Political demonstrations occur frequently in Bangkok, and can escalate rapidly, with the use of weapons and explosives.

Girls, bring a maxi skirt to cover your legs! Take into account the culture of the country you're travelling to and bear in mind that when visiting temples most countries in South East Asia ask that your shoulders and knees are covered. You'll also always come across a pharmacy or two for all of your toiletry needs so there's no need to stock up on shampoo and conditioner before you start your trip!

South East Asia has some of the biggest and Best food in Asia street markets in the world where you can buy clothes (slogan tees, swimwear etc) sunglasses, hats, knock off bags and jewelry and in fact anything else you may want to buy. Luckily, lots of the things you need to take with you can be bought when you get there so if you do forget something, it's not the end of the world! You will come across washing machines wherever you go and next day laundry services in Thailand and Vietnam are readily available & cheap!

Pack enough loose fitting clothes to last you for a few days and remember that the majority of your time will be spent in bikinis/boardies, shorts & flip flops. We leave Cairns for Singapore at the end of February and Hong Kong for London in early June but apart from that haven't decided where to go. We're in New Zealand at the moment and after our next stop (Australia) plan to travel to SE Asia for around 2.5 months.

We are a family from London currently six months into a year-long global adventure (/ouryearaway). Big country though, so allow lots of time in order to see it all properly! There's a terrific variety of activities for the whole family, and in particular for kids from 2+ upwards.

Oh, and i'd also throw Vietnam into the mix as a great destination in SEA to visit with kids. And the people are so friendly, definitely someplace good for families with kids, not just the backpackers. I've heard of people being concerned about their kids not being able to eat the spicy food in SE Asia, but there is plenty of great stuff to eat that isn't spicy.

Great food in that part of the world. Thanks for including my link on what I ate in SE Asia! I will be with my husband and 2 1/2 year old son.

I am heading to Hong Kong in November for a week and wanted to add on another 2 weeks ‘somewhere' (!) in asia (probably not Bali, as you can't get direct flights back to London). I'd be fine going to any of the places you mentioned as long as it's not too far off the beaten track (e.g. the far north of Thailand where malaria is an issue). That said, if budget was an issue then Bangkok is a great choice as you'll get a lot more for your money in hotels (large suite, large pool) than in Singapore.

Singapore is a great base for SE Asia and more kid-friendly parks, playgrounds, activities than most Asian Cities. Would be pleased to hear from you if there is any possibility or opportunity. We would welcome the opportunity to be featured on site.

The appeal of the resort for families has always started with the resort's design - small villas on a hectare and a half of gardens, with 3 swimming pools.

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The Group's gross profit decreased as the Group reduced mark up to maintain market share. However the increase in online business revenue is offset by the decrease in the Group's offline wholesale business of 33.8% (S$5.5 million) in the current financial year. Despite the decrease in Group revenue, the Group's online business revenue increased by 5.0% (S$3.7 million) for FY2015.

The company reported a net loss of S$2.3 million for the three months ended June on revenues of S$22.2 million. closed at S$0.23 a share on Wednesday, the last trading day prior to the suspension of trading in its shares. The Chinese company has already announced its intention to make an offer for in a filing to the Shenzhen exchange.

ZhongHong currently owns 11.41 per cent of , while the shareholders that have agreed to sell their shares together hold around 51 per cent. It said certain substantial shareholders have signed a memorandum of understanding to sell their shares to Shenzhen Stock Exchange-listed ZhongHong, which intends to make a conditional general cash offer for at S$0.30 per share. Still, with few startups exits in Asia — China aside — it is refreshing to hear a company committing its ambition to paper.

For one thing, he still anticipates that there is likely to be at least one more round" of private funding before a move to the public markets. A public listing might take place in the U.S. or Hong Kong, Fah offered, although those details are far from ironed out at this point. Klook plans to spend the year growing its reach to remaining major markets in Asia before looking to other parts of the world.

Beyond expanding into new verticals, which will presumably super charge monetization, Fah said Klook geographical extensions are planned. Klook co-founder and COO Eric Gnock Fah told TechCrunch in an interview that it would soon add options for restaurants, wellness, shopping and more. It has also recently introduced services — such as local transfer options and WiFi device rental — that let users pick up travel essentials from inside the app.

Those local teams work with attraction and tour operators to source activities directly, thereby avoiding the hefty premium of booking through an agent to offer users a competitive price. Operationally, Klook's team has expanded to reach 200 staff while it has eight offices across Asia. The 'Behind the Lens' deal involves three days and two nights in a 60sq m Deluxe Suite at Bt27,307 for a couple, with breakfast, a temple-and-markets tour with professional photographer Kevin Landwer-Johan, and set dinner.

Up in the relative cool of Northern Thailand, the akyra MANOR Chiang Mai serves up an unusually inviting photo-tour with a pinch of sightseeing. Rates from US$642 and US$1,097 depending on nights, for two persons. No, your boss won't find you.

You can't get more secluded than that. Food and drinks in Asia if this doesn't float your boat, there's a special cocktail too on a private sandbank. The seven-night deal also tosses in a private 'cinema under the stars' movie screening, dolphin cruise and picnic lunch on a deserted island.

At the Six Senses Laamu Maldives a 'Discover Laamu' package for four or seven nights with snorkelling, island experiences and cooking classes to savour the Maldivian way of life. The offer is only for Studio 95 and Studio 115 rooms. The offer is valid until 30 September, 2017.

At the deliciously leisurely Opposite House Beijing parked in the hip and happening Sanlitun quarter, a 'Suite Summer' deal from Rmb5,699 per night with a complimentary second night's stay, welcome cocktails, breakfast for two and complimentary city drop-offs. According to MasterCard, the financial transactions firm, outbound trips from emerging Asian nations will see growth of 7.6% over the next five years compared to 3.3% in developed APAC markets. AirAsia's Vietnam venture will need investments of 1 trillion Vietnamese Dong ($44 million), and AirAsia will contribute 30 percent of that after raising internal funding, according to the filing.

Many vendors and housewives still come here every afternoon for an open air market. Many youngsters, teenagers take nice photos to keep memories of youth on the bridge or in the middle of alluvial patch with full of green tree.

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Their use dates back to over 2000 years ago when they were used as a communication tool and in religious rituals.

Guests are then taught some simple but impressive rhythm beats, later joining together to create an exciting performance, including the poses and vigorous yells that accompany the drumming. Their teacher during this experience will first explain the history and importance of taiko drums, how they are made and their great significance in Japanese music. Guests can visit a taiko dojo (practice hall) to enjoy an exciting close encounter with the impressive taiko Japanese drums.

The PATA Foundation contributes to the sustainable and responsible development of travel and tourism in Asia Pacific through the protection of the environment, the conservation of heritage and support for education. PATA's Strategic Intelligence Centre (SIC) offers data and insights on travel to the region that includes inbound and outbound statistics, analysis and forecasts as well as in-depth reports on strategic tourism markets. The association provides leadership and counsel on an individual and collective basis to over 80 government, state and city tourism bodies; nearly 50 international airlines, airports and cruise lines, and many hundreds of travel industry companies across the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Best of all, you can hike up the hill for green walks and city views. The Wanchai Gap location is in a busy local neighbourhood a short walk from the MTR. Personal butlers are on hand too.

Book through the official website to get 25 percent off plus a HK$100 Starbucks credit for a quick wake-up cup of Joe. In bustling Wanchai in the heart of Hong Kong, a '21 Day Advance Purchase Privilege' for daily stays at the Eaton House Serviced Apartment. It is the only bridge in Hanoi where all the riders have to go in the left hand side, where tourists can take a walk and taste mouthwatering desserts offered by vendors (see 5 street vendors you should not miss out in Hanoi), where Hanoians can buy fresh vegetable or fish for the dinner from the small afternoon market on the bridge.

However, it may be the most special bridge with unique historic, architectural, and cultural value. Today, Long Bien is only one of the five bridges crossing the Red river of Hanoi. Overall, Bangkok dropped to the CTI's third-cheapest city in the Asia/Pacific region, while it ranked in the middle in 2013.

Combined hotel and miscellaneous costs declined significantly in Bangkok (down 12.2 percent), where the travel industry has continued to suffer from Thailand's political unrest. Still, combined hotel rates and miscellaneous costs were down 15.7 percent there, the largest drop in the region. While corporate hotel rates in Tokyo declined significantly year over year, miscellaneous costs, which include such daily costs as taxi rides, are the highest in the region.

Tokyo and Seoul were the second- and third-most expensive cities, respectively, for corporate travel in the Asia/Pacific region. In addition, Con Dao National Park covers more than 23 square miles of land and more than 54 square miles in water with more than 2,700 types of fauna and flora, including 100 species that are extraordinarily rare, providing another unique tourist attraction. The island's peaceful old houses, hidden among trees, add to its unique heritage appeal.

The development will continue through the next 10-20 years with a goal of realizing the vision set for 2030. A number of five star hotels have already opened on the islands, and more luxury resorts and hotels are under construction. Infrastructure, including roads, electricity, water supplies, schools, healthcare, and economic centers are already being upgraded.

Historical sites will be improved and effectively exploited and eco and cultural tours will be organized. Over on Vietnam's island of Con Dao in the South China Sea a plan is being laid for an international heritage tourism center. From October 15-19, 2012, for the third year in a row, Singapore will host the mega travel and tourism festival, TravelRave (). This year's program has expanded to include Asia's most important annual travel industry forums, including: the Asia Pacific Tourism Destination Investment Conference, October 15 - 17, 2012; the Web in Travel Conference, October 15 - 17, 2012; Aviation Outlook Asia, October 17 - 19, 2012; ITB Asia travel news, October 17 - 19 2012; Asia Travel Leaders' Summit and the Singapore Experience Awards and Conversation (both by invite only); and for the first time, the World Travel Awards' Asia & Australasia Ceremony on October 18. In 2011, TravelRave welcomed more than 9,500 attendees, a 15 percent growth over the 2010 debut.

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We also like getting scooters and motorcycles that have a lockable storage space — usually under the seat or in a box attached to the passenger backrest. When renting a scooter in Southeast Asia, check the helmets to make sure they fit properly.

If a scooter knows how you'll move — if the driver can predict the direction you're going to move — then they ride in a way to avoid hitting you. In most of Southeast Asia, this relationship is based on the expectation of movement. Study for yourself and make your own decisions.

That said, I'm not going to tell you what to do here. When some people travel in Southeast Asia Cuisine with kids, they want to carry malaria medicine with them, We've never done this because the medicine has its own problems and side effects. Instead of four seasons, most Southeast Asian countries have two: wet and dry.

However, you can't always expect dry weather. You can visit almost anywhere in Southeast Asia with kids and expect warm weather. We realized our mix-up at the airport in Bangkok and had to fork out hundreds of dollars to fly out (we overstayed by a month).

We got them mixed up — big mistake. Back in 2013, Malaysia's tourist visa was 90 days for US & Japanese citizens. For first-timers wondering where to start, I often recommend Malaysia The infrastructure is better than many neighboring areas, and it's not hard to find English speakers if you need to. In fact, most Malaysians speak English — not so elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

Every country in Southeast Asia has something to offer adventurous families. I'm now part of a family of four, and we left our home in Japan to explore Southeast Asia with kids in tow. Actually, shopping in Bangkok , Kuala Lumpur or Singapore can be at least as productive than Western countries.

Despite lacking some first-world amenities, in Southeast Asia you can easily find basic hygiene items, meds, clothes, etc. Bring only things that are high priority. Unfortunately this will likely to happen there soon.

I found the real charm of the country was that it reminded me of South East Asia of the nineties before mass tourism took over. Not sure as a solo traveler you would want to hire a car when transport is so cheap and you get closer to the people. It is no different to any of the other countries in that you pay for the room not the number of people in it. I also booked all my accommodation on line and also some of my travel arrangements before I went.

Have been traveling around South East Asia many times since 1993 and did a solo trip to Myanmar in 2015. You've got the big city buzz of capital city Phnom Penh, the stunning temples of Angkor Wat , and the peaceful, plentiful beaches of Sihanoukville. And that's a testament to the country's excessive beauty, rich history, friendly people, and up-and-coming cuisine It's a fantastic place for solo travelers to explore - in part thanks to its diversity.

Even those that have been are keen to go again. Who doesn't want to go to Cambodia ? Here are a few things I wish I knew before traveling to Southeast Asia.

For many travelers, the region is their first introduction to Asia which means facing a unique set of challenges as well as an undeniable culture shock. Southeast Asia is easily one of the most popular backpacking destinations in the world. Don't want to stretch ourselves too thin.

Do you think 3 weeks in each place is enough? They both look wonderful and we have 6 weeks to play with. Me and my partner are thinking about Indonesia and Philippines.

The way I like to travel! Hi Marek your blog is awesome very informative and flexible. We should be able to visit a lot I imagine in four months.

This is our first time travelling without a plan and sort of doing it on day to day basis with probably a couple of organized tours that we may pick up in certain areas.

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Top of her list was the chance to sample some of the culinary treats at the city's famous Best food in Asia markets.

The TV presenter has always loved Hong Kong but, on her latest trip, she only had two days to explore the frenetic city. We put the trip together for them overnight and they were out the door on Sunday," says Marilyn Downing Staff, CEO of Asia Transpacific Journeys, specialists in travel to Asia and Pacific Rim destinations for 21 years. They had good airline rates to Thailand.

If you are not receiving newsletter updates directly to your inbox, simply enter your email address into the field on the homepage and we will keep you up to date with the latest travel news from Asia. Alongside the product news, the site delivers an interactive events calendar with a comprehensive listing of public holidays, festivals and trade shows where clients can meet with Destination Asia. Local officials have given the green light to commence with a renovation plan after reports from local and international experts showed the necessity of rejuvenating this popular sight in the former capital.

For a period of approximately 3 years, the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City will be closed for the public. Following petitions and concerns about the recently-imposed Padang Bay Harbor tax for guests, traveling from Bali to one of the surrounding islands, Asian Trails Indonesia is pleased to announce that local authorities have cancelled the taxation of visitors traveling to the Gili Islands, Lombok or Nusa Lembongan with immediate effect. The place is spotless, the glassware and chopsticks are wrapped in disposable plastic, and I am sure it will pass the strictest hygiene tests in any city.

It is such a delightful experience, savouring the flavours of this simple but delectable dish. Our next stop is at an eatery famous for pancakes, which are so light and fluffy that one wonders what they are made of. Of course the art of making them is a family secret, one they are very proud of. We order a freshly made pancake and add in vegetables and chicken. Founded in 1999, the Asian Trails Group has grown to become Asia's leading destination management company with operations in 9 countries across East and Southeast Asia, backed by representation offices across the globe that offer support to our clients in their respective location and time zone.

The annual World Travel Market is the global marketplace for the leisure travel industry, dedicated to share the latest in travel ideas, business opportunities and meeting up with friends and partners with the aim to catalyzing travel to our part of the world, establish and maintain personal connections and a conscientious approach for mutual benefit. The updates will also include information on some of the neighbor island airports. This consists of a multi-year effort to transform HNL into a distinctive, functional airport, worthy of a first class visitor destination to meet the growing needs of residents and visitors alike.

The State of Hawaii - Department of Transportation, Airports Division will share the latest updates on the larger statewide Hawaii Airports Modernization Program and the new facilities and improvements at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. PATA Hawaii is pleased to again present its annual update with the State Department of Transportation-Airports and two airline carriers that are important stakeholders in both our domestic and inter island markets. The Group has a head start in this product segment compared to other online agencies.

The Group believes its all-inclusive fully integrated flight, hotels, transfer and tours/attraction package product bookable on instant confirmation basis will be very attractive to the independent free and easy outbound travelers from China. In the 1st phase of its China expansion plan, the Group will focus on outbound travel into its core S.E.Asian destinations namely Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong where the Group has substantial supplies network and ground service operations. The Group's net profit continues to take a hit, as the Group is incurring start-up expenses to set up and expand its China-centric business unit to position the Group as a fully integrated China online domestic, outbound and inbound player.

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Traveling our way around the tourism news of South East Asia travel news, our first stop is Singapore, which is certainly promoting itself as a major conference and meetings destination, especially for travel and food events. These offices are located globally in Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Dubai, China, Europe and the US.Asiatravel is a global online lodging reservation service provider, linking global travelers with hotels and resorts in the Asia Pacific, Europe and the US. Today, Asiatravel represents over 5,000 hotels and resorts in over 60 countries in Asia, the Australia and Pacific region, the Middle-East, China, Europe and the has a ground tour operations based in Singapore and has established a multi-media division targeted at the trave and tour industry in Asia, through a tie-up with STARTV. The Company is an established (since 1995) from a single office to a network of 11 worldwide offices.

It was a very, very powerful experience," McAleer said of her visit to the Siem Reap orphanage. Since then, she's been in contact with the Rosses via email, and they want to help with the project, serving as a conduit between Park City donors and the orphanage, since they are in the same city. Before reading the article, McAleer didn't know the Rosses, although she knew Brandon's father, Toby, who had been the Park City manager.

She was inspired after reading an article in The Park Record about a Cambodian bed and breakfast run by Parkite Brandon Ross and his wife Andrea. Andrea guesses that after five years they might consider leaving, depending on how well their business does. The Rosses aren't sure how long they'll stay in Cambodia.

Journeys Within offers English-speaking tourists the chance to take a break from Asia," according to the company's website, and spend time with other native English speakers in Western-type style and comfort. Brandon Ross has done what most Park City High School students only dream of: he's opened a small bed and breakfast in Cambodia. Another trip, called Give-and-Take, is a 14-day adventure that gets travelers involved as volunteers.

Although the company makes individual tours, it has seven established tours, including its signature 13-day, all bed-and-breakfast trip to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia; it starts in Bangkok at $3,950 a couple. We are able to not only show guests the beauty and spirit of Cambodia, but through them we are helping the Cambodian people. Her comments about how things are going and the kind of advice she offers travelers paint a spirited picture of life in one of the world's wondrous locales.

Such experiences left Andrea and Brandon drained but laughing at the end of many days. It's great to know that kids in Park City are thinking about those kids less fortunate than them and then to have the drive and tenacity to do something about it is truly commendable," Brandon said. Arriving at the school it was obvious the school needed a lot of help so I said I would do one thing then another and it snowballed to where we are today," Brandon told the Record in an email.

I never realized how distracted I often am during our trips because, I'm multitasking between attending to the needs of children and thinking about where we're heading to next. Instead of spending 45 minutes each morning figuring out the logistics of moving our family of 5 around for the day and arguing about the itinerary, we were able to focus on getting our kids ready for the day's adventures and immersing ourselves in the experiences of the day. Since we were the only ones in our tour group (yes, it is a fully customized tour), it never mattered whether we were late to start the day.

Our usually shy boys quickly warmed up to him and loved listening to the stories he told. Andrea had handpicked our guide because other families had reported back that he was great with kids and indeed he was. We started each day being greeted by our smiling driver and English speaking guide, Santu, ready to show us their wonderful country.

I think it was worth every extra penny we paid even before we stepped foot on the plane.